AGB Property Group Pty Ltd respects every client's right to privacy.


Privacy Policy

AGB Property Group Pty Ltd (referred to as AGB Property Group here on in), protects the privacy of it's clients by being meticulous in the handling of confidential information.

AGB Property Group will only collect confidential information from clients for specific purposes such as:


Where the law requires it;


Responding to enquiries;


Responding to requested services (which include, but are not limited to bills/invoices, overdue payments, marketing offers);


To personalise our service to our clients.

Confidential information will not be released, in full or in part, to a third party without obtaining express permission from clients it pertains to.

When AGB Property Group is required  to collect confidential information:


AGB Property Group will request permission from that individual, who reserves the right to refuse to provide personal information;


Information will be collected directly from the individual it refers to;


The client will be aware of how and in what manner the information is to be used;


Clients will be allowed access to their own details in order to review and/or change said details. (It should be noted that it is an offence to provide false or misleading information).

AGB Property Group will not trade or sell confidential information to a third party. Confidential information will be kept secure and will be destroyed when no longer required.

Any enquiries concerning this policy should be put in writing and addressed to:
                    A. G. Bakrania
                    AGB Property Group Pty Ltd
                    P/O Box 71
                    QLD     4075

For further information regarding the rights of clients in the Property industry, please refer to the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors' website.

Other sites that are linked to this site, have been done so in good faith. However, these sites are not maintained nor operated by AGB Property Group. Users should refer to the Privacy policies of these sites. AGB Property Group is not liable for any breach of privacy incurred as a direct or indirect result of using these sites.

For more information about privacy in general, please refer to the Privacy Commissioner's website: www.privacy.gov.au


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