Property Consultancy is a discipline where timely input may allow the property ownership to be beneficial rather than burdensome.

An early professional input may allow due consideration to be given to existing encumbrances, the physical condition of the building, outstanding maintenance issues and issues with the assignment of existing agreements -  which may enable better acquisition negotiations to be undertaken.

With properties that are to be leased or are being leased, a detailed examination may reveal heavier burdens than anticipated. These need to be acted upon to ensure that the responsibility is clearly established before commitment or negated fully.

For taxpaying entities there is due consideration to be given to Property Tax Allowances for maximum returns. Assets disposed off or destroyed attract Write Off Allowances, which leads to further tax advantages.

Capital Gains is a major element too.

Body Corporate Managers will require Sinking Fund Budgets and  Reinstatement Cost Assessments to be prepared.

Sinking Reinstatement


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