A discipline which contributes significantly to enhancing the efficiency of a built environment.

For an asset to deliver good returns to the owners it needs to be operationally efficient and effective, giving high quality accommodation. Such buildings attract good long term tenancies which gives stability and in turn, enduring returns. Good, thorough and timely maintenance ensures that the effective life of the asset is significantly improved.

To improve the effective life, maintenance of numerous assets in the building need to be undertaken in a set pattern. The pattern can be daily, weekly, monthly, three monthly, six monthly or yearly. Such attendance is undertaken by directly employed building managers and their staff.

However, effective businesses often require a concentrated effort which calls for non core activities to be outsourced, where a dedicated company will provide the resources to maintain the building at a set standard.

To source a dedicated outsourced service provider, it is important to understand the building and the facilities it has to offer to the tenants. 


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